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Most property owners have a full-time job that keeps them busy during the day. Everything regarding property management needs to be done after a full day’s work. Paperwork, maintenance, taxes, and inspections can be another full-time job.

Even investment owners of multiple properties can find it difficult to effectively manage their portfolio. 你知道现在几点了吗, 能源, 或者有关注所有细节的经验, 大的和小的, 您的投资物业? Not to mention emergencies such as the tenants locking themselves out of their house or a leaky tap needing immediate repair!


We Manage Your Investment Properties so You Don’t Have to Worry 关于 a Thing!

Successful property management works when a dedicated level of service matches the client’s needs and goals. We provide a higher level of service so you can get a higher level of results. 最重要的是,我们关心业主和租户的质素和满意程度.










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和韦德一起工作总是很愉快. He is highly professional and easy to work with while making sure that the job is done promptly with exceptional attention to detail. I would not hesitate letting his company handle any of my property management needs.
Ginnette L.



发现 and keeping the right tenants for your property is the most important step in renting your property and generating a positive cashflow.


To help ensure your property stays rented with tenants who respect your investment, we have created a comprehensive tenant screening process that naturally eliminates bad tenants.

We consistently market in specifically proven avenues across the greater Jacksonville area. Our program finds tenants you want through ads that target specific needs at a price point that validates quality tenants. We reach tenants using a database proven to provide quality results through local classifieds, 在线资源, 和其他广告特色.

当租户ku游娱乐app时, 他们进入一个14步的筛选过程. 他们一过,我们就安排演出. We also provide them with access to our team so they can get answers to any questions they have about the property. 作为主人,你真的什么都不用担心.

We help our clients secure the best tenants for their properties through a carefully curated screening process. 我们的流程经过了缜密的测试和验证. 我们查房客的信用记录, 工作经历, 确认收入, 搜索租户历史数据库, 联系过去的房东,做背景调查.

Our aim is your aim: to ensure that each tenant placed will keep your property profitable for years to come.



If your lease isn’t clear in laying out expectations and up to date with current laws, 你经历的问题.

ku游娱乐app注册 Jacksonville does away with these problems with a solid lease agreement. It is a foolproof agreement designed to prevent problems before they can ever arise.

我们的工作是收取保证金, 做入住前检查, and carefully highlighting issues or problems that could arise with the property.

我们还帮助新租户解决他们的任何问题或担忧. We want to place tenants who understand and appreciate the required care needed to maintain your property.


Our first round of protection lies in preventing bad tenants from renting your properties in the first place. We accomplish this with a highly 兽医ted 14-step screening process designed to weed out problem renters before they ever get to you. Even though we always try to place trustworthy tenants, sometimes tenants need to be evicted.

Such difficult situations are draining and most property owners have very little knowledge and legal experience regarding evictions.


Here at ku游娱乐app注册 Jacksonville we have the time and resources to try and work with renters before things escalate. 我们首先要解决分歧. This ensures you not only keep your existing renters but also keep the property profitable.

如果驱逐是不可避免的,我们就开始驱逐过程. We understand the legal process and nuances of evicting properly: filing the appropriate paperwork, 在法庭上代表你的利益, 如果需要的话, 确保你和你的财产得到保护.


一旦驱逐结束, 我们发现, 兽医, 并在你的房产中安置新租户,并提供一份可靠的租赁协议. 在我们找新房客之前, we will take the care needed to restore your property to showable condition, 准备好迎接下一轮租户, 然后把经过仔细筛选的房客安置在里面.


Property inspections are the best way to make sure your property remains in good condition and the tenants are honoring their lease.

We let you choose the frequency of inspections while a tenant is occupying the home. Using consistent inspections secures the state of your home and helps identify if a tenant is eligible to receive their deposit back at the end of the lease.


Our consistent inspections quickly reveal issues renters face and act quickly to resolve them. It is much easier to solve a problem when it is small rather than when it has become too big to deal with.

Our inspections also keep you informed on whether the occupant is holding to the agreement or breaking it. 如果承租人违反租约, 我们知道,可以立即采取措施,确保您的投资.

确保您的投资质量, 我们的技术人员保持准确和详细的记录,从每一次检查. This lets us track your property’s state and reveals tenant-related issues (if any) upon vacancy.

It is our attention to small details that saves you big money and ensures your property is protected and kept in the state it deserves.


紧急情况就是这样:一场意外的危机. 但我们总是有准备,即使是对不可预见的事情.


我们为您和您的租户简化维护经验. We do this by providing a space for the tenant to log into our online portal to describe their maintenance request so we can diagnose the issue, 让我们训练有素的技术人员马上到这里来.


We have curated a list of qualified pros and specialists to help keep your property looking great.

出问题时,我们不会偷工减料. 你的财产是一笔大投资,我们也这样对待它.

Our team will ensure your tenants are cared for by our experts and that your property stays profitable no matter what happens.